food tech club

 We aim that the members are challenged to promote innovations through technology in different categories of food technology. It focuses mainly on creating a sense of responsibility in every member to consume food items in a manner that does not harm the environment in any way from harvesting to selling.


Ag Tech: To come with solutions to advance farming output and its quality using drones, sensors, and farm management software.

Food Science: To develop new food products and answer the need for more transparency, health, and environmental issues.

Foodservice: To enhance the hospitality industry by restaurants with robots and cloud kitchens.

Coaching: To target the final customer and help him to have a better view of his food purchases and intakes to reach his personal goals.

Delivery: To overcome the delivery challenges in the food industry, with home delivery of groceries, restaurant meals, or meals prepared in their kitchens.


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Digging in and About The Bigs Of the Industry

Session on case study of Food Tech company and highlights of the company(such as turnover, investment, what problem did they solve, the shortcomings, and the challenges faces while starting it).


Food packaging


Beverage processing