Ek Kahani - The power of StorytellingThe best speakers are great storytellers.

The best speakers are great storytellers.

The best writers are great storytellers.

The best leaders are great storytellers.

The best teachers, trainers and coaches are great storytellers.

It might even be argued that the best parents are great storytellers.

How long have humans been around? As long as there have been campfires, humans have gathered around them and conveyed their view of the world through the use of stories. Stories are a “shared experience” and I believe we are hard-wired to receive information primarily through storytelling. Stories trigger the ancient human muscle of the imagination.

Our own early years were largely spent through play and exploring. We experienced the world through direct engagement and as children, we learned through being told bedtime stories, fairy tales, hearing family stories around the dinner table. We became story-listeners when we were young. When leaders use storytelling I believe they bring their audiences back to a natural state of primal listening.

“And there is no great agony than bearing an untold story inside you...”

Drafted by:

Maheen Fatimah

Contributed by:

Maheen Fatimah (2nd year student, LIET)

Mohd Samee Uddin (2nd year student, LIET)


Ubaidullah Khan (3rd year student, LIET)

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