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Talkspiration is a team that encourages an individual to be unique and make you stand out in the crowd. We conduct workshops, seminars, and webinars that enhance your creative skills, writing and speaking skills so as to make you ready to face any challenge in the outside world. Join us now to explore the world within.


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Udayan Bakshi

founder Startup Emporio

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Dr. Shamoly Khera

Multi-faceted Speaker, Coach


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Maheen Fatimah

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Ubaidullah Khan

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Mohd Samee Uddin

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Speaking from the heart and presenting with authenticity is a team of 3 at talkspiration. Engineering students at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology are the change-makers building a platform getting you stories containing seeds of truth that can change the world. Maheen Fatimah, with skills to speak with confidence, Ubaidullah Khan conveying the message with strength and connecting to the heart, and Mohd Sami uddin crafting it into a transformational talk giving it the competitive edge, together we step into your thoughts to inspire.

Our Events

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Magic of Public speaking

A workshop being conducted to help people overcome the fear of Public Speaking

In a Meeting

Art of Corporate Communication

A webinar being held in mid september by world renowned Dr. Shamoly Khera.

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Explore your potential, with one of the most vibrant student community.

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